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Our Customer List

These are most of our present customers.  We hope you join the growing list.

Listing our customers is more than self promotion, it also provides a valuable link to their website.  Most website design companies only list a few "show" sites but this denies their "ordinary" customers rank within Google searches.  We believe your website should be promoted as best we can, even if it hurts our Google rank or our image a little.

These are mainly our own CIT Services websites.  Targeting a specific city in Google Places requires a presence in that city, which we had or have.

Targeting a specific product or service is also an effective way of getting rank in Google searches so we recommend that most businesses have more than 1 website.  Its is lot more effective to add another website than to take out an ad in a local newspaper that no one reads any more.

We ask that you visit many of our websites.  Most designers only show a few of their customer websites, we show most of ours.  Our job is not only to design a website, it is to promote your business.  Providing links like these increases the value of our customer's websites in Google searches.