Website development is the actual coding.  For example, you could design you website using Photoshop or InDesign, we could implement it.  Or we can design it, your choice.

  • If you are a website designer, graphic artist, computer hardware specialist, etc. and you prefer not to do your own coding, we will develop websites for your customers.  We will do a better job than the Indians and we may cost less.  We will certainly cost you a lot less grief.  Dealing with the language and cultural issues is no task for a small design company.  Dealing with the risk of bad code or malware in your customer's websites is a risk you take if you don't closely review all code you get from Asia.  Do yourself and your customers a favor and never outsource to anyone unless you know who they are.  Beware of web development companies that are nothing more than a salesman selling code developed by someone you can't talk to.
  • If you are a business looking for a website, CIT Services is a full service website design and development company.  Just tell us what your goals are and your budget and we will create a safe and attractive website appropriate for you.