Electronic Commerce (eCommerce or e-Commerce) websites do something besides inform your website visitors.  They sell goods or services.  eBay and Amazon.com are good examples although these are far larger and more elaborate websites than CIT can support.  Our target customers sell less than $1,000,000 a year online.  Our oldest eCommerce customer sells only about $100 per day.

We developed our own eCommerce software, written in ASP.NET with a SQL Server database.  Features include:

  • Fully customizable, after all we write the source code
  • Accepts PayPal, Google Checkout or standard credit cards using your Merchant Service processing
  • Automatically calculates sales taxes, if applicable
  • Automatically gets shipping charges directly from UPS ( or Federal Express ) so you charge you customers exactly what you will pay UPS.
  • Handling charges are optional, you can base them on quantity, weight or whatever you choose
  • Quantity discounts are optional
  • Easy to use interface, so you can change the price, description or picture whenever you wish
  • Unlimited number of store items
  • Automatic email notification to you when an order is placed and to the customer when an order is shipped
  • Customers can log in whenever they wish, change account values and check the status and contents of all prior orders.
  • Complete online shipping module, works on any browser including smart phones

We offer a feature that no other vendor we know of offers.  Complete service, based in the USA, no incomprehensible accents and cultural barriers.

We know how difficult an online store can be for people who are not computer experts, so we do as much or as little as you want.

Or you can choose another eCommerce system and we can maintain it for you.