Price is important but quality is more important.  For most businesses, a website is the most economical way of finding new customers.

A single new customer from your new website often makes that new website cost-effective.

If a single new customer is enough, why would you want a cheap website that does not attract every possible customer?  A quality website from CIT Services is an investment in your business.  An investment with a very short payback timeframe!

Free is too expensive!

Yesterday's coffee at the cheap diner may be free, but you are going to pay for something or they would not serve it.  Dinner may also be free, if you are willing to wash dishes for 4 hours in exchange.  This applies to free websites also, either you get an unattractive and ineffective free website or you spend weeks creating an attractive but still ineffective website.

Our rates:


• Basic 3 page website:

$450 *


• Standard 5 page website:

$550 *


• Enhanced websites:

$350 plus $25 an hour


• ASP.NET, C#, WPF Development:

$35 an hour at Our Offices or $45 at Your Offices


• MS SQL Server installation, maintenance and development:

$35 an hour on our servers or $45 on your servers or the Cloud


• Java, Oracle, PostgreSQL:

$45 an hour at Our Offices or $55 at Your Offices


• Enhanced Search Engine Optimization:

$30 an hour done from the USA, $20 if done from the Ukraine or Russia


These are guidelines, depending on distance the "Your Office" charge may be a little more or a little less.

All websites come with free hosting for a year, 2 hours of free routine maintenance for a year and free basic SEO.  So, you really do get free, plus Quality work and an effective website!  What you don't get is unpleasant surprises.