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There are 3 major parts to a successful website:

  1. Attractiveness, visual, audio, etc.
  2. Functionality and structural integrity, everything works predictably.
  3. Optimized for Search Engines.

We are not going to discuss theory here.  Instead we are going to show you results.  These screen shots are taken from Google Analytics of one of our first websites, Silvia's Restaurant. How we get results like this is a trade secret, it is one of the reasons you should pay us a reasonable price instead of doing it yourself or going to a big company that will just farm it out to some 19 year old overseas "programmer" who doesn't know much and cares less. See for yourself, 1007 visitors in a month! The average visitor spends over 4 minutes on the website and on average visits 5 pages! We are not talking about a national chain restaurant like Olive Garden here, Silvia's is a family restaurant in Enfield CT!

Silvia's Restaurant visitors

The next image shows how these 1000+ visitors found Silvia's website; almost 60% arrived via an organic search!

Silvia's Restaurant visitors