• Yes, we can!  We advertize that we do not offshore, and that is true, for normal website design and development.  Offshoring a project that should take a week or two makes no sense technically or economically.  Often it takes just as long to define such a small project as it takes to do it.
  • Yes we do!  There are some projects that should be offshored, some SEO for example.  Websites need visitors and if yours has too few visitors to be important to Google, we can give you human visitors.  Robots don't work, Google has ways of knowing whether a visitor is human.  If Google thinks that you are paying to have a robot visit your website, you might as well forget about appearing in Google searches.
  • Yes we do!  If you have a project that might take 10 people 6 months to complete, CIT can handle it.  Of course we would offshore part of it, but not to Asia.  We would offshore it to the Ukraine to people we have personally met and trust and who speak English with less of an accent than many US Citizens.  If they need to come here for a few months, that is possible too.


We have no specials at the present time.  We are busy.