We design business websites in 4 primary categories:

  • Standard Informational Websites.  Sometimes called glorified business cards.  These can be simple, for a few hundred dollars, or can showcase hundreds of products and services, be graphically beautiful, and cost a lot more.
  • e-Commerce Websites.  These can sell either items or services.  You can use a simple payment method such as PayPal or your own merchant service account.  We can support real-time shipping charges such as UPS and Federal Express.  Our eCommerce websites are based upon a SQL Server database and can be customized to your requirements.  If you have an eBay store and would like to upgrade it's appearance or make it match your website, we can help.
  • Professional Websites.  Professionals such as attorneys and medical providers have different requirements than do merchants.  Frequently these requirements focus on scheduling.  Scheduling can be done internally by employees or open to clients, so they can make their own appointments.  If you need a customized database application or Web Services, we are the experts.
  • Corporate Websites.  Every business has different requirements.  What does your business need that people say can't be done or is too expensive to do?  Odds are we can do it, within your budget.

Website design is more than picking a template and changing the text.  Here's why:

  • Most templates are designed by graphic artists using tools that do not generate good code.  The result is hundreds of syntax errors and deprecated words.  If your command of the English language is not very good and much of what you know was learned from a book written 1000 years ago, you should not expect most people to understand what you are saying.  Similarly, if the template you pick has hundreds of errors and deprecated words, why would you expect Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines to properly read your website?  If Google can’t understand your website, how can Google index it so people can find your website?  Furthermore, if your website is riddled with errors, odds are it only looks right in only one browser.  Perhaps that browser is the Internet Explorer, but what about the people who are using Chrome or Firefox or Safari, the other 85% of your website visitors?
  • Many templates rely on images rather than text.  Unless you are skilled in Photoshop and have the original PSD's ( which are often conveniently forgotten ) you are going to spend days modifying these images.  When you are done, your template now doesn't look very good any more.
  • Most templates have nothing in the page description, title and keywords, which severely limits your search engine optimization.  You eventually hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to fix it, but it would have been easier and cheaper to do it right in the first place.

Please don't misunderstand, templates are great.  This website started as a template.  Then we put 60 hours into it, making it OUR website.

We take the time and have the skills necessary to create more than a pretty website.  For example, we recommend against putting your email address in your website.  We use a form which generates an email to you, but spammers can't see your email, they are stuck with filling out the form every time they want to spam you.  You may see 2 or 3 junk emails a week, not 2 or 3 thousand.  We are local, so you never have to worry about hidden code in your website that puts spyware onto your customer's computers.

Please call us or fill in the form on our Contact page.  We would like to give you a quote for a quality website.